Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Years Later...

It has been two years now since we came home with our boys. My last post was on a challenging day in Ukraine. It was difficult to get online on our adoption journey, so after the first post I kept a journal of our adventure. I will try to find it and post our experiences on this roller coaster ride.

To anyone considering foreign adoption-- my advice is first, have a strong faith, a strong marriage and family close by willing to help when you go through the difficult times. Adoption from Russia and the former Soviet Union is a difficult journey.

The school system is clueless to what these children have been through and what it means to their emotional and cognitive development. But then, no one can fully understand the challenges these children face without living it. The emotional and physical and societal abuse they have experienced is beyond our imagination.

I will share new stories and information as I can from what I have learned from my own experiences and those of friends and acquaintances I have made along the way. New posts to come.

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